New Taranto Container Terminal


Markets globalization process on its own already does offer to local economical system the chance to considerably increase the exchange volume with great economical areas of the world.

 Useless to underline how within the continuous evolutive process affecting global marittime transport 80% of the total volume of goods moved consists of containerised cargoes.

Taranto port represents an even more fundamental reference point for the merchant traffics to and from the mediterranean basin: not only because of the strategical geographic position placing our jonic city in a privileged central area, but also, and maybe mainly, thanks to the wondefull presence by some of the most important trading companies in the world in the field of containerized transport.

Refitting the Polisettoriale pier has positioned Taranto within the élite of Mediterranean «Hub» ports, launching ramp of world containerized goods trade. 

As a matter of facts, Taranto port represents a stimulating key chance offered to all those enterprises taking (or thinking about taking) the plunge into challenging themselves on the global market.