Our agency registered core business consist of:  

          Shipping agency to italian and foreign flag vessels, receival and delivery, clerance of goods, loading and discharging operation of goods and passengers, contracting goods and passengers transport.

          General representation and agency on behalf of marittime and air navgation Companies, marittime and airtransport freight contracting to transport goods and passemgers; buyin and selling vessels, aircrafts and any transport mean on              behalf of third  Parties .  

          Agency on behalf of Insurance Companies, Average adjusting on behlaf of Italian and foreign Companies.  

          Carrying any other operation connected with aritmie, air, land or internal waters transport.

Our brand, over its centennial existance, has assisted tens of thousand vessels and represented in Taranto a huge number of Owners’ Companies among the most important in the world, acting, as the case might be, as " Receivers"as well as " shippers "on behlaf of hundreds of commercila and industrial enterprises, national as well as foreign, to carry out, on their behalf, all what is linked to phisically handling of the cargoes and to taking care of despatching the relevant documentary encumbrancies pertaining to Shippers, Carriers or Receivers.

Particolar skill has been gained in handling heavy and special cargoes.

The experience and the exteem gained on the field over decades of friendly and smooth working practice carried out in daily contact with the many Authorties and Administrations, Civilian as well as Military, facing the most complex aspects of bureaucracy in he services they render represent a background worth quite something which shall not fail to show its value when offered to our Principals. The Company is also able, through a wide net of highly reliable and qualified correspondents or sub-agents to look ater our Principal’s interests in all the Italian ports as well as in many of the major ones worldwide.