Another primary branch of performed activity relfers to average adjusting and claim settling agency performed on behalf of top  international and Italian Insurace Companies, and, as of 1957, representing in our area the Corporativo of LLYOD’s of London, as well as, since 1986 of te former Institute of London Underwriters, nowadays I.U.A. ,the most relevant group of Underwriters active on the Londn Market the most antique and still the most important one in the entire world.

This particolar professional function of ours brought us to acquiring, over the decades, a vast competence in handling surveys on goods and transport means finelised both to ascertaining and, eventually adjusting damages occurring to both  as well as propedeutic to evaluating the risk connected to handing and transport operations.

This vast range of competences is part of what our agency ad its wide net of surveyors and consultats at avery level put at your disposal in connection with any need you may have in terms of surveys and related certificats.

Getting awarded the certification of company qualità system in compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9002 by Registro italiano na- vale, has in 1998 crowned the joint efforts by our Management and staff as well as the economic investments put forth on this path 

The certified service are:

   Tramp and liner shipping agency

   Averege adjusting

  Commercial Management of Containers


Such a goal hasrendere d all of us quite proud as it pays back the efforts by the whole oraginzation towards both achieving and mantaining the high standards Iso 9000 regulation requie and continuously improving the company processes, a challenge we have allways een very commited to, by paying continuous particolar atention to the specific needs of our Principals who keep on showing us their exteem and trust in a market field extremely inconstant and difficult.