The enterprise, nowadays a limited Company with capital fully paid in, operates in the national and international maritime market since about a century.

 In the early 10’ has been taken over by  Cav. Carlo Gennarini (in the photo aside)Since then it reached the third generation of direct family management.  

The Company’ sits today in an owned historical three-floored XVII century building located in the center of the old city, right next to the Harour Master’s Office, fully restored and refurbished to suit the operational needs.  

Here, in an old print, the former Fatebenefratelly monastry in Episcopio square, demolished in 1935 to allow building the Harbour Master complex. 

Even since then our offices were far-sightedly located there  Still today the strategical location of our offices, with its position close to both the industrial and the commercial ports, allows us, to cut most of the dead times which would otherwise so badly affect the despatch of our core business activities.

We were already there!