Our Offices

Offices have been structured to suit in a functional way our Clients’ as well as our personell’s needs, to render the formers our high standard of services

The logistic has been continuously improved to keep the path with the operationl needs by complete restorations and re-furbishing.All moderns equipment has been installed as it become available and necessary.

They remain open and manned virtualy 365 days per year, as on sundays and Holidays a skeleton staff is in attendance while all the members of our staff make on turn themselves available to the Company’s management, as well as to our Principals and Clients during after office hours and overnight. It is also for this reason that all our staff’s private phones (including Managers’) have been made available

Two Computer intranets assist our staff in every phase of our daily work, mastering also modems, faxes and telexes which, together with a private duly authorized, VHF station, with cell net phones of which all the staff is equipped, are some of the means we avail of to duly assist our Principals and Clients also by creating the necessary direct link between the operative clerks and our office.

Cars and minibuses can be made available and these means too they are equiped with te same facilities. The most of their drivers have at least an acceptable knowledge of spoken English